Fire Rescue International Update

We are about to head out to the FRI exhibit hall for the last day of the event today.

I thought I would offer an update about what is going on. First of all, we are having a blast. Apparently several attendees and even some of the exhibitors headed home last night to beat Irene to their doorstep. We will be heading home on Sunday.

Jeff and I have been combing the exhibit hall floor talking to exhibitors. There are some great products out there. I will have a recap of that coming soon.

Once again, the busiest booth at the show is the MN8 Products Foxfire Illuminating technology booth 2853. Zach Green has employed Willie Wines Jr. and several others. The traffic is steady. Apparently, Zach and his company/booth are up for an award today for “best in show” or something like that. We will find out if he won around 1pm.

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Another company to check out is Fire Rescue TV. They have rolled out one hell of a setup. I will have more on it later, but basically it is Fire News right in your firehouse. They have the complete setup. Your company officer and/or Chief can even capture half of the display for company news and information. The product is truly revolutionary on how we get our news. Fire Rescue TV will offer news just like we watch our local news. Check out more here is in full swing. We are live with our second deal geared towards fire departments. The deal is for 50% off of AFG grant writing templates. The templates are samples of successful grant applications.

Check out the newest deal here

Zach Green and Willie Wines at the MN8 booth

Willie explaining the technology to firefighters. All day long, firefighters were coming in saying they had heard about it and that they HAD to see it!

Zach discussing the technology to Dave Statter.