The Final Season of Rescue Me Begins Tonight

The final season of Rescue Me begins tonight at 10pm on FX. Rescue Me is one of the few shows about firefighters currently on TV.

I think that many may agree that Rescue Me was a decent show in the beginning, but as the seasons progressed dysfunctional lives and too often nearly impossible heroics in conditions which are not indicative of normal firefighting lost real firefighters along the way.

We have always enjoyed shows about us, but it is not possible to capture an audience with are actual lives. Most of us are not as dysfunctional, and most of us don’t have multiple saves in one shift…let alone multiple fires in one shift.

Rescue Me website

That is the way it is on TV…you have to capture the audience.

I have actually enjoyed much of the show. Realizing that most of it is not real to life, it is still about our profession and is very telling of how the public perceives us. The perception is because they don’t know what we do…and because of shows like this which they think are factual to our lives on the job.

Either way, this season is the last one. According to the web site, the show promises one hell of a wedding and Tommy losing his job with the FDNY.

What do you think about the show?