Fire Videos Around the World From Cleveland to Houston & Thailand to Canada and More!

This is a bit of a long post…and it involves plenty of video. I got in front of the computer searching for what fires were caught on video and uploaded to Youtube…and I found a ton!

There is also a great video about the Mayday, Rescue, and Rescesutation of a Lt. in Columbus, Ohio at Paul Hasenmeier’s blog “Pass the Training & Tradition Blog”. The video describes what happened when Lt. Mike Polaski went down at a bread and butter house fire in Columbus. It occured in the basement and firefighters were quick to put their training into action and rescue one of their own. The fruits of their training and labor is that Mike survived the event. Great job guys!

I am actually sitting here working at ole #13 on C-shift. I am paying back another guy for working for him. I am sitting right next to Captain Willie Wines Jr. and we are having a great time! I even made him a cake for his 20th anniversary on the department. I made him  a cake with a bunny rabbit on it. The messed up thing is that I only put one ear on the rabbit. Willie, with the sick mind that he has, thinks it was actually something else. I just don’t see how he thought I would put that on his cake! I mean really, what kind of person does he think I am?

Now, on to the videos!

Here is a house fire (or a row of houses on fire maybe) on Fox Street in Gillingham (which is in Kent…somewhere in the UK)

This fire occured outside of Seattle. This was teh second fire in this house and it was still being rebuilt/remodeled after the first fire. Fire destroyed a home early Friday morning in Lynnwood, the second time the house was gutted by fire in less than a year.Snohomish Co. Fire District #1 spokeswoman Leslie Hynes said crews were called to the home in the 14700 block of Manor Way about 5:20 a.m. and the house was already engulfed in

Here is a house fire in Bicknell, Indiana

This fire is in Pattaya near Bangkok, Thailand

House fire in Norwich, Connecticut (next two videos)

Chicago, Illinois – Firefighters working on the roof at 18th Place.

Charleston, South Carolina – House fire on Rutledge Avenue (3 videos)

Cleveland, Ohio – Fire at East 57th Street

New Orleans, Louisiana – House fire on Harvest Valley Street

Kanata, Ottawa, Canada – House fire started by lightning

Garland, Texas – House fire on Hampshire Street

Vancouver, BC – 3 cars on fire

Shreveport, Louisiana – House fire

Houston, Texas – House fire on Sherman Street (2 videos)