Do You Wear Rubbers?

I never do…I don’t like the way they feel. You just don’t get the same comfort and dexterity in rubbers.

Rubber boots people…Rubber firefighting bunker boots! Get your heads out of the gutter!

I just got the latest Fire Engineering Magazine and right there smack dab on the cover is a shot of a firefighter wearing rubber bunker boots.

What a shame!

He obviously has never put his foot into a decent pair of leather firefighting boots. Maybe his fire department just doesn’t care about his feet! Once you go leather, you never go back!

To be honest, the shame is the departments who waste their money purchasing rubber “dust collecting” firefighting boots. What a waste of taxpayers dollars that is. When I worked at a previous station, all of our gear racks were in a single row along a wall in the bay. On top of those racks were a row of about 15 pairs of unused rubber firefighting boots. The only time they move is when someone quits or retires…they just grab a pair and turn them in.

My department purchases the rubber boots. ugh…

So far in my career I have owned 2 pairs of Black Diamond, 3 pairs of Pro Warrington, 1 pair of Thorogood’s, and 1 pair of Lion (ALL LEATHER). The pair of rubber boots that my department assigned to me have only been worn once since I graduated from recruit school. I have only completely worn out my first two pairs of boots… both Pro Warrington.

If your department won’t spring for a pair of leather bunker boots for you I suggest that you get them yourself. Put them on your Christmas, Birthday, Fathers Day, Mothers Day lists…They are worth the expense.

The comfort and dexterity that the leather boots offer is much more than the rubber boots offer!

I don’t have any data or statistics to support any of this…however, I have never EVER heard a firefighter say how comfortable a pair of rubber fire boots are!

This is not one of those things that needs explaining, just try it out and thank me later!

The cost? Well lets just say that the cheapest costing leather boots are offered by Thorogood at $214. The cheapest rubber boots are offered by Servus at $107.

So basically, you could say that leather firefighting boots are twice as expensive….but that is comparing apples and oranges.

Here is a rundown of boot manufacturers and range of pricing through The Fire Store as of this writing…Most of the prices below are rounded and were taken from The Fire Store. Prices may change and do not hold me to them exactly!

Lion Marshall 14" Leather Fire Boots

Black Diamond
Leather – $280
Rubber – $127
Check out the review I did on Black Diamond Footwear X boot here. I am currently reviewing the X2 boot now

Leather – $309 (priced through Galls)
Check out the review I did on Lion’s Marshall 14″ leather firefighting boot

Leather – $322 – $470 (wide calf)
Rubber – $140 – $192

Leather – $214 – $302

The Black Diamond X2 boot in my pants currently being reviewed.

Pro Warrington
Leather – $228 – $336

Leather – $309

Rubber – $107 – $152

Rubber – $112 – $227

Leather – $245 (on sale now for $221 though)

As you can see below, the leather boots are more expensive…but that is because of the cost of making them, the comfort, and the dexterity they allow.

What is your favorit boot?