Random Musings about Firehouse Life

Here are a few musings, lessons learned, observations, and things I have been accustomed to since joining the fire service…Enjoy!

There is plenty to learn, listen to, and experience day in and day out at the firehouse. We all draw different things from experiences we have. We relate much of our firehouse life to the way we live. I believe that most firefighter’s lives at the firehouse parallels our lives at home.

Feel free to add your musings in the comments! I could probably go on for days writing this stuff, these are just some of the ones that came to mind while writing it!

  • You have to be part of the team! We all know there are planty of “selves” in the fire department.
  • I now eat baked beans
  • I have learned how to end my shower ubruptly for a call…even if I have to rinse the suds off and dry off in a matter of seconds.
  • I now eat bologna sandwiches, however I will not cook them…I cook better than that!
  • I have learned how to cook for different peoples tastes.
  • I have learned that most firefighters will appreciate a great meal, but not a great exotic meal!
  • NO matter how many times I explain to my wife that if someone works for me I HAVE to work for them…she will never understand!
  • You will not get along with everyone
  • Everyone will not get along with you
  • If I ever get promoted higher than where I stand, I have a duty to remember where I came from!
  • Don’t let others define yourself…define yourself for others!
  • I now eat potato salad
  • Treat your feet right! Buy a pair of leather boots!
  • If your department doesn’t supply you with leather boots, decent gloves, a leather (or at least traditional helmet), essential tools, or a self rescue rope…Purchase it yourself!
  • Treat your customers and patients as you would treat your family!
  • If someone does a good job…tell them!
  • If someone screws up…teach them!
  • Learn, apply, then learn again…and teach when possible!
  • Being a firefighter is about who you are, why you serve, how you act, and how much you care.
  • I now eat cole slaw
  • I have aqcuired a taste for bland food cooked by other firefighters who don’t even appreciate salt and pepper when they cook!
  • It can take years to recover from a bad first impression.
  • You cannot control what everyone says about you.
  • Take initiative
  • Tell your stories and listen to others
  • Have fun!