Green Maltese – Monday Morning Shoutout

This weeks Monday Morning Shoutout goes to the Green Maltese blog. The blog is run by John Shafer and he states  “My goal is that Green Maltese becomes the place where fire service leaders can gain and share knowledge about the Green Movement and anything  about Green (Sustainable) Building Construction.”

A little about John:
John Shafer is a 16 year veteran of the fire service, and is currently a Lieutenant and the Training Officer for the Greencastle Fire Department. An Indiana regionally recognized instructor on building construction, fireground search and command management, he has traveled throughout the State of Indiana delivering specialized training programs on building construction, fireground search and firefighter safety.

One very interesting part of his blog is that he has created a unique and easy to use submission form for readers to submit information and photos of their “Green” firehouse. If your station is “Green”, LEED Certified, or any of that other good stuff you should submit it here. He will post articles about your station and feature them on his blog!

I plan on submitting mine soon! I have the pictures taken, I am just waiting on word about any certifications or awards my station might have received in the past.

Check out the Green Maltese