Time Lapse Video: House Converted to 15 Unit Apartment Building Burns

This video is pretty neat because it is a time lapse of 75 minutes of an apartment fire in 5 minutes. The fire occured on March 8th.

I try not to armchair quarterback videos. Instead, I attempt to offer some observations I see in the video to offer some insight as to what might be going on. After all, it typically isn’t fair to quarterback the videos because they rarely show all of the details of the incident.

This video is no different. Two things I noticed right off were the platform placement and lack of water.

I did some searching on news of this fire. The fire occured in at 50 Chestnut Street in Ware, Massechusetts. Ware is west of Worcester. The house was originally a single family dwelling, but had been converted into 15 apartments over a decade ago. This is common…sound familiar?

The fire toned out at 9:53 am. Eight departments fought the blaze including Ware, Palmer, North Brookfield, Warren, Belchertown, and Hardwick. 1 person was transported, there were no reported firefighter injuries.

“Many of the units were not evacuated so a lot of our immediate resources went in to make sure the building was cleared,” says Ware Fire Chief Thomas Coulombe. (source cbs3springfield.com) This might be the reason for lack of water from the view of the video. The firefighters were able to make it to the 2nd floor, but the 3rd floor was too hot.

Below the timelapse video is another video of the fire
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What do you guys think?

Apartment Fire Time Lapse (75min to 5min) from Clinton Vadnais on Vimeo.