Badge Vs. Badge…oh AND Badge Vs. Badge Ring Girls!

no, not exactly badge bunnies like you are thinking….a little bit different, read on.

Badge vs. Badge is the only organization where Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters can fight for a sanctioned State, USA Title, and be ranked under the IAB, International Amateur Boxing. [according to their site]

The boxers are law enforcement and firefighters. This is apparently open to all LEO and Firefighters across the US.

For the most part, it appears as though the fights are set on the West Coast. The next event is May 14th, 2011 at the Sacremento Radisson.

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If only Dave Statter were still a firefighter…I think I could take him!

The web site also states: All Badge Vs. Badge boxing events are sanctioned with the International Amateur Boxing Organization. This will include official World Wide rankings for Law Enforcement and Fire and Championship Belts and Titles in each weight class.

and now for the Badge Bunnies Ring Girls!