24/7 Student of the Fire Service Blog – Monday Morning Shoutout

This weeks Monday Morning Shoutout goes to a new blog I found titled “24/7 Student of the Fire Service“.

The blog states “Not a T-Shirt Guy’s Blog (Protected by the First Amendment)”

I like what I read…I think this blog will gain some traction. This is a newer blog on the scene. Check it out.

The blog is run by BLANE2469. I am not sure if he offers his real name, but it wouldn’t be hard to figure it out…so I won’t use it just for sake of me not being the one to out him.

Here are some pointers on the blog (not that he asked, but I feel the need to help out).

  • The black text on purple background is not that easy to read.
  • Lose the auto-play songs. If I want to listen to it, I will hit play. This could be awkward for someone going to your site while at work behind a desk.
  • See if you can’t go to a wider layout. Most people don’t use 600 wide layouts anymore. This makes more content for less scrolling.
  • Go ahead and get the domain http://studentofthefireservice.com to replace the longer http://studentofthefireservice.blogspot.com/ (all you have to do is forward the domain to your blogspot.com address. $10 a year max.

Just a couple of suggestions….and can be used for anyone starting a blog!

Keep up the great work!