Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients?

You might ask why I might be posting on drug testing welfare recipients…the answer is easy. You can’t tell me that you have never discussed this or something similar at the kitchen table of your firehouse. Don’t lie…

We see things that the common person does not see, doesn’t want to see…yet needs to see. Without going into detail, we see welfare recipients who spend their goverment checks on everything but food for the babies, including drugs… It is very disconcerting.

Since drug use is still illegal… I don’t think that a drug test program  is too much to ask for.

In a round-about  matter of fact way…the government is buying the drugs of drug users who also recieve welfare.

This is just ONE of those topics that firefighters might mull over and attempt to solve at the kitchen table.

At least one State Law Maker in Illinois is proposing (again) drug screening for welfare recipients.

I don’t know about you but I am subject to random drug testing at my job. I certainly don’t see why a welfare recipient can’t be tested…it is tax dollars they are getting after all.

Read the article here

Sure, you might ask about funding such a program…I imagine that the cost savings of not paying out to drug users would offset the cost of the testing.

What do you think?

All this reminds me of the nextel commercial about firefighters running congress. Check it out here