Homeowner Films House Fire and Thanks Fire Department on Youtube

The Berkeley Fire Department responded for a house fire and the homeowner not only recorded a short clip and uploaded it to youtube, they also took the opportunity to thank the fire department on youtube.

Sometimes, we see homeowners and neighbors leave comments on youtube videos asking that the person who uploaded it to remove it. This is the exact opposite of that. This homeowner shares the video AND thanks the fire department.

homeowner videos own house fireWhile the video clip is short, and the video doesn’t offer any useful training or tactical consideration that might be resourceful for other firefighters, there is still a lesson here. This homeowner has suffered a house fire and no doubt lost belongings…yet still took the time to share it with others. The positive effect of this action shows social media in a positive light.

Great positive public relations offered free from a citizen, tax payer, and customer of the fire department.

FC Note: the thank you by the homeowner is in the description of the video.