News Flash: FireGeezer Blog is 4 Years Old…That is like 28 in Dog Years

Friend and notable blogger FireGeezer Bill Schumm has hit another milestone… his 4th year of blogging. In related news, Dave Statter cries because his blog is not as old as Bill’s…

FireGeezer came online on March 25, 2007 with a short article you can read here. A couple of days later, Bill introduces himself for the first time and explains the blog a little bit (read that here).

I have had the enjoyment of meeting Bill in person twice. I have hung out with FossilMedic Mike Ward quite a few more times. It is always my pleasure! These guys are two very interesting and great people. If you ever get the chance to meet them, take the time and sit down to chat.

The FireGeezer Blog is one of the most well rounded and far reaching fire service blogs out there.

Recently, FireGeezer added some new writers to his crew and has really refined the blog. The truth is that you just never know what will be written about day to day in the fire service.

The very unique thing about FireGeezer is Bill’s Morning Lineup…his intro to the day about what he is thinking about much like walking in to his station to relieve the shift before and have a quick discussion before shift change. Bill wrote about his 4 year anniversary in the latest morning lineup here.

Here is an excerpt:

It was very primitive to begin with.  I didn’t have the ability to post images yet, and videos were out of the question at the time.  And while I had a general idea of what I wanted to cover, I needed to get a lot of postings under my belt before I could get a sense of what sort of story would be interesting enough that people would want to check back the next day and see another one.  That is a never-ending chase because universal interests are always changing and I try to stay within that group desire.

Congratulations on the first 4 years Bill…Here’s a toast to the next four!