Product Review: Foxfire Illuminated Firefighter Helmet Bands

This is part I of a II part review on products from Foxfire. The second review will be on their illuminating paint.

Foxfire illuminating products are brought to you by MN8 products…get it Emanate…look it up.

Check them out at FDIC Booth #3124

Firefighting Foxfire Illuminating Technology from MN8 Products “Foxfire products increase firefighter safety by emitting a glow, which is brightly visible even in dark, smoke-filled rooms.” (from their web site)

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I got the package promptly after being contacted about the Foxfire products for a potential review.

They sent me two helmet bands and a painting application package.

The helmet bands are bright neon yellow and very elastic. On the bands, they are simply stamped with the Foxfire logo.

I have never been the type to attach everything but the kitchen sink to my helmet…no lights, no cameras, no door chocks, no sprinkler wedges, no little Incredible Hulk figurine, no beacon for landing planes. However, I did recently (prior to this review) attach a cheap old cut piece of inner tube on my helmet with the hopes of potentially adding a light, wedge, or something else. I just hadn’t pulled the trigger yet.

So there I was with this brand new illuminating helmet band direct from MN8 products. I quickly replaced the black inner tube band with the new Foxfire helmet band.

My helmet with the helmet band in complete darkness

What did I do next? Well thats easy, I took it to my bunk room and turned off the lights! It was just me and my helmet with that illuminating helmet band.

To my amazement, this thing is bright. Up until this point, I thought it would simply glow in the dark…but this technology actually illuminates light. I was very surprised by how much light it was giving off.

To be fair to those of you who might not believe the power of the illumination, I only gave it about an hour of light before testing it out. Prior to that it was kept in my locker in the dark.

My helmet before the helmet band along with the paint and application package that I will be reviewing in the near future.

As always, I have found something that I think could be better…the helmet band could have more functionality if they built holes into the band that would accept most slim low profile flashlights. I realize that these holes MIGHT take away from some of the strength under the stress of heat, but I think it might give firefighters the option if they use that type of flashlight. I also think that some of the helmet cameras could be worn this way…maybe.

I must say that I love the illumination quality of the Foxfire helmet band. The amount of light given off from this band is amazing. If you can get over the helmet band not being black then this is the one to purchase. I just need to get over having stuff on my helmet!

The helmet bands may be purchased direct from MN8 Products here. The cost is $25.

Another shot of my helmet. You can see how it illuminates off the wall as well.

My helmet as seen with the helmet band, a light, and a door chock

Here is some more information from MN8 Products on the Foxfire technology:

These products, which are specifically designed for the firefighting industry enable firefighters to be visibly located and find tools in zero light environments while providing illumination to the surrounding area. Foxfire’s technology was developed utilizing a new photoluminescent pigment combined with a specialized epoxy paint product.  Equipment and tools painted with Foxfire technology will illuminate surroundings for up to 17 hours when fully charged. Foxfire products can be charged by any type of light condition and can withstand high temperatures that are associated with firefighting. Tools and equipment coated with Foxfire can be charged repeatedly.