Several Videos of FDNY in Action this past Week

Newsworking is a youtube channel that offers some excellent video coverage of FDNY in action. This past week they managed to capture several jobs in New York City.

Be sure to check out Newsworking on youtube and subscribe to their videos!

Video 1: February 18th

In this video, you will ride along with me while fire chasing in Brooklyn, NY on Friday night.

#1 – Box 2886 1873 Cropsey Avenue. Structural Fire with reported people trapped. The box went to “all hands” and within 20 minutes, crews had the bulk of the fire knocked down. Truckies opened up and all searches were negative.

#2 – W. 6th and Avenue U, EMS 911 box for an extrication. Engine 248 and Ladder 159 find a 3 vehicle accident in the intersection. Minor injuries.

#3 – Box 1652, 2280 Atlantic Avenue for a 2 alarm fire in an O/M/D. Fire on the first floor with extension into exposure 4.

Video 2: February 19th

5th Alarm Fatal Box 2439, 346 East 29th Street Flatbush, NY.

200 firefighters battle blaze in 7-story Multiple Dwelling. A 64-year-old lady was found in the rubble after the blaze was extinguished. The building had over 70 apartments.

Heavy fire throughout the top three floors. Firefighters battled the elements as well, dealing with high winds and freezing temperatures. The whole neighborhood was iced over along with firefighters and their apparatus.

Video 3: February 19th

22:50 Box 0860 was transmitted for a fire in a private dwelling at 91 Saratoga Avenue.

Heavy fire third-floor of the M/O/R with extension into the cockloft.

Video 4: February 19th

Box 4049 Working High Rise Fire at 1530 Pennsylvania Ave. Fire in 6th floor apartment of a 17-story O/M/D