Monday Morning Shoutout – Just A Vollie

This weeks Monday Morning Shoutout goes to Just A Vollie. Just A Vollie is a fairly new blog on the scene and is actually a newer format to something that started out as an email blast.

Yeah…I know that it isn’t Monday morning anymore, but when you keep my hours you learn to fit in what you can whenever time allows.

Just A Vollie is run by Captain Matt VanGiesen, a 3rd generation volunteer firefighter.

Matt had been sharing current events and history/traditions with a small group of firefighters via verbal and email discussions. As the group began to grow, Matt felt there was a need for a better forum for his musings….enter the blogosphere Just A Vollie. The blog has been online since December 2010.

Some of his favorite blogs and daily reads can be found in his sidebar.

As far as his most memorable experience as a blogger it was finally posting the first article and the positive reception he got from his friends and readers.

His worst has been the fear of the unknown and the feeling of being exposed.

He also wrote:

What else would you like to share: In June 2010, I had an article published in Fire Engineering (Live Fire Training in Acquired Structures). The fact that I write something and people actually want to read it is extremely humbling…

Welcome to the blogosphere Matt. I am sure you will enjoy it!