A Friend in Need…A Message from Just My Blog

Not a message from MY blog, a message from the blog “Just My Blog“.

Justin Schorr of The Happy Medic and much else has a daughter in the hospital. The author of Just My Blog is asking for your help in sending a card to The Happy Medic Family and more importantly Happy’s daughter.

Email her at justmyblog@hotmail.ca for the address or direct message her on twitter @justmyblog.

Send a card, a gift, a stuffed animal, coloring books, I didn’t know what to send so I settled on a dress up kit for Happy’s daughter that both her and her sister could enjoy.

I don’t know any details, but I believe the youngest of the Schorr family is in the ICU. To the point that Justin might not be able to make it to Baltimore for EMS Today next week. Don’t worry Justin, I can sit in for you if you need. I may not know what I am talking about when it comes to Paramedicine but I can come across like I do…unless the person I am talking to does have a clue….then I get wierd looks…but I can identify tombstones on a monitor….and intubate if needed…oh and IV’s are no problem either!

For all the infromation behind this idea by Just My Blog read here