3 Banger in VA, Pension Attacks, Albuquerque Helmet Stickers, Austin Applicant Issues, and More

In case you are just tuning in….it has been a busy day here at FireCritic.com!

photo by Wells P. Wilson

3 Alarm Fire in Alexandria, Virginia including Videos and photos
VAFireNews.com (sister site to FireCritic.com) has early video and photos from a 3 alarm fire in Alexandria, Virginia today.

Hosed…This Satirical Show on Volunteer Firefighters is Hilarious!
Check out this hilarious look at volunteer firefighters! Is this good or bad for the volunteer fire service?

Major Fire at Fertilizer Plant in South Carolina
A big fire in South Carolina last night

The IAFF and MSNBC’s ED Schultz Take a Stand Against Attacks on Firefighters Pensions
Hopefully there will be plenty more to this debate. We won’t go down without a fight!

Albuquerque Firefighters Helmet Stickers Causing Controversy
Firefighters have a unique helmet sticker that they claim is not derogatory at all.

Firefighter Applicants Disqualified After Inability to Follow Directions
Should they have been turned away? Who is at fault?


FireCritic.com is the place for Fire Service Product Reviews! The latest review is of the book Capitol City Fireman by Jake Rixner. Read all about Capitol City Fireman and how to order it here!

Some of the reviews in the works are: Boots: Lion Marshall 14″ fire boots and the Book: The Cavalry is coming by John Broyles. I am also waiting to hear back from two more products and awaiting my brand new Black Diamond X2 fire boots to review. Review the terms for product reviews by The Fire Critic here. Check out all of the product reviews here.


Civil service commission upholds firefighter firing – This same thing happened in my department. He should have been fired. We don’t welcome thieves.

FireMom offers her thoughts on Ohio Senate Bill 5 – Quoted: “As a fire family, I staunchly oppose Senate Bill 5 (SB5; bill text here) which aims to remove collective bargaining from unions. Every time I think of this bill, sponsored by Senator Shannon Jones (R – Springboro), I get this mix of angry anxiety in the pit of my stomach. It’s not just the security of my husband’s job and thus our livelihood on the line. It’s the safety of the citizens of Ohio.”

House Fire in Westerly, Rhode Island