Where has The Fire Critic Been?

Here is a little update as to what I have been up to besides the Black Diamond Boots Fire & EMS Blog of the Year contest.

You might have also noticed my lack of posting the past several days. My birthday was on the 28th and I spent the day doing some things I don’t normally get to do. I haven’t taken a break from the web sites like this in a long time! I think I deserved it!

Jayson Anuszkiewicz firing my 357

One of those things was going to the shooting range. Jayson Anuszkiewicz (you try pronouncing it…we call him alphabet), and I went to the local shooting range and shot some ammo. I took my Glock 23, Taurus 357, and Ruger LCP. I hadn’t shot the 357 or LCP yet and hadn’t shot my Glock in several years. Jayson brought his gun (I think it was a Smith and Wesson 40 but I can’t remember). We had fun and I think we fired somewhere around 500 rounds total. It was a blast. I hope to get out to the range a little more often, however it can be an expensive hobby. I am not a huge gun fanatic, but shooting is a blast! Thanks for letting me tag along Jayson!

I also got to go to the Monster Jam at the Roanoke Civic Center. Captain Wines got a hold of some tickets, so Preston and I joined him and the Buckaroo for the evening. I am not a huge fan of Monster trucks. They are loud as hell and you get to breathe a bunch of exhaust, but it is fun to watch. Plus, Preston and the Buckaroo had a blast! I might add that Captain Wines had a good bit of fun as well!

Preston and the Buckaroo at the Monster Jam

Here is another shot of me and Wines. Well technically, I am not in the photo because I am taking it. That is Wines in front of his Dodge in the background. This photo was taken when his truck broke down. Captain Lynn Flora and I sat their with our Chevy’s and watched retired Captain Peters tow the Dodge off…Captain Peters was also driving a Chevy. It felt good, especially since my entire crew at the station drives Ford….

One more update. We are working on the firehouse table at #3. We just got it back from being sanded down….We put the final coat of black paint on the frame and now we have to get busy with the inlays on the top. Here is a shot of it right now. If you have a firehouse table or other custom piece to share…send it in!

I will be back to regular posting once the contest is over! I have plenty of stuff to share and catch up on!