Voting Continues and heats up for the Blog of the Year!

Voting continues for the Black Diamond Boot Fire & EMS Blog of the Year.

While Iron Firemen has continued leading the Fire blogs with more than a 350 vote lead, the EMS blogs have a little competition going.

I have been watching the votes carefully since the voting began. I do this because I enjoy seeing the competition and to make sure there isn’t anything fishy going on.

I assure you that everything has been fair!

What has been interesting is how on Sunday, Rescuing Providence has narrowed the almost 150 vote lead by A Day in the Life of An Ambulance Driver to less than 90 votes. Last year, we saw the majority of the votes in the last two days. Anything can happen. It all depends on who is pulling for who and how many votes you can get (obviously).

Even the lead that Iron Firemen is enjoying should not be taken for granted. You just never know.

I have enjoyed seeing the various posts by these bloggers and others drumming up support. I would love to share them, but I want to be sure not to show bias. If I showcase 1, I would have to share all of them and more than likely I would accidentally leave a couple out.

Voting continues until Midnight Tuesday February 1, 2010!