Voting Continues and Listen to the Finalists Tonight on Firefighter Netcast LIVE!

The Voting Continues for the Black Diamond Boots Fire & EMS Blog of the Year Contest.

Don’t let any early leads make you complacent. Last year we saw some early leads and strong comebacks. Just today we have seen several blogs getting a lot of votes!

Tonight (Wed. Jan. 26th), the finalists have been invited to be on Firefighter Netcast. The direct show link is here and it starts at 9pm EST!

Vote here every 6 hours

Voting ends on February 1st. The current tally as of 3:15 pm EST is:

Fire Blog of the Year:

Iron Firemen 319
The Happy Medic 170
FireGeezer 118
Fire Law by Curt Varone 108
Wildfire Today 100
Statter 911 65
Firefighters Own Worst Enemy 55

EMS Blog of the Year:

A Day in the Life of An Ambulance Driver 243
Rescuing Providence 121
The Happy Medic 99
EMS Office Hours 83
Life Under the Lights 77
EMS 12 Lead 36
The EMT Spot 29
Everyday EMS Tips 13

Total votes: 1634 (may be off from totals of numbers above due to time it took to compile the stats)