Heavily Tattooed Compton Deputy Chief Marcel Melanson Interviewed by Inked Magazine

Marcel Melanson in Inked Magazine photo by Russ Quackenbush

Last October, I did a story on “First In”, a reality tv/documentary shown on BET about the Compton Fire Department in California. Read that article here.

One of the featured firefighters was Battalion Chief Marcel Melanson.

Marcel is now a Deputy Chief at the age of 33. He has to be one of the youngest in the Nation…especially for paid urban departments.

Marcel was recently featured in an Inked Magazine by Chaucey Hollingsworth. The focus of the story is on his tattoos. The writer even rides along with Marcel and his crew. Marcel is sleeved and even has his neck tattooed…something you don’t see everyday in the fire service. Sure tattoos are common, but not to the level that Marcel has take it.

I don’t think that First In is scheduled to return anytime soon, but you can watch the previous episodes here.

Read the entire article on Inked Magazine here

Compton FD stats: 84 sworn employees, 4 stations, 4 engines, 1 truck, 2 ALS squads, 2 BLS transport ambulances. Population = 100,000. Yearly call volume = 10,000

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