Audio: Detroit Police Station Shooting. 4 Police Officers Shot and Gunman Killed

Police from the east side of the city stop by in support of Detroit's Sixth Precinct where a man entered in the early evening hours and opened fire wounding 3 officers including the Precinct Commander, Sunday, January 23, 2011. (KATHLEEN GALLIGAN/Detroit Free Press)

Below is audio from the police station shooting today in Detroit. 4 Police Officers were shot,  all of the officers are expected to survive and were at Sinai Grace Hospital, according to Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr.

FirefighterDispatch uploaded the edited audio.

It was just before 4:30 p.m. Sunday when the gunman came into the police station and started shooting.

A female sergeant in a hallway was hit first. Commander Brian Davis raced out of his office, exchanged fire with the gunman and got shot in the back.

Then the gunman rushed the horseshoe-shaped front desk with his pistol grip shotgun. Sgt. Ray Saati and Officer David Anderson also were shot before the gunman was killed.

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