Top Ten Firefighter Loose Hose Line Accident and Training Videos

For some firefighters, the loose fire hose drill is a right of passage. I must admit that it was not part of my curriculum as a vollie or career guy….luckily. I know what to do…shut down the supply! If need be, I will get all wet but I am not planning on training on this any time soon. Tell you what, we will make the next rookie we get at the station do it!

Here is the Top Ten Youtube Videos of Loose Hose Lines!

Whether it is actual training or on the actual fire scene, these firefighters had their hands full!

Click on the image for the 10 Best…or Worst Firefighter Loose Hose Line Accident and Training Videos!

10. Hose Lines are a Bitch!

Ok, this one is not a loose hose line, but it is a charged hose line and an uncharged hose line. I think the lesson here is to not walk backwards!

9. Loose Firehose Drill

This firefighter tries to make quick work of this loose fire hose…unfortunately for him, the hose had something else in mind. Watch the break-dancing the firefighter does at the end as the hose kicks his ass!

8. It Can Happen to Extinguishers Too!

This one is not a hose line…its an extinguisher. You get the same effect…everyone laughs at you!

7. Firefighter Makes it look easy

I am not sure they teach this anywhere. This firefighter just picks it up and runs with it!

6. Hosing Down the Photographer

These firefighters promptly lose control of their hose and spray everyone around!

5. Two Run Away Hose lines Are Better Than One

These firefighters tag team two runaway hoses at once…one of them has everything under control until the other FAILS!

4. Firefighter Gets Flipped After Hose line Bursts

This is probably the most dramatic on the list. This firefighter gets flipped in the air after the hose line he is picking up bursts.

3. Too Much Pressure At A Vehicle Fire

This firefighter and the pump operator must not get along. There is too much pressure on the hose line and it throws the firefighter for a loop. I must say that the firefighter makes a decent recovery like nothing ever happened!

2. San Bernardino Fire Explorers

The San Bernardino Fire Explorers have it all under control…or do they? Wait until the 1:20 mark…just when you think she has shown up the guys it happens!

1. New Orleans Firefighters Battle a Loose Fire hose

Hose gets away from firefighter while fighting a school fire in New Orleans on May 28, 1985. A District Fire Chief is first to begin controlling the situation.