Backwards and Stupid – Monday Morning Shoutout

This weeks Monday Morning Shoutout goes to a newer blog on the block – Backwards and stupid. The blog may be new, but the person behind it has definitely been in the business a while.

Hallway Sledge (the username of the anonymous author) has a unique writing skill… they write as they talk…with profanity and all when necessary.

Backwards and stupid came up on my radar recently after a series of great posts. The blog began in October 2010.

In one of the more recent posts, Hallway Sledge writes an article titled The Pussification of the American Fire Service”.

the article is a reply to an article which appeared on Fire Engineering by Retired Chesterfield County Battalion Chief Bob Avsec (whom I remember when I vollied in Chesterfield). Avsec wrote an untimely article on the recent Chicago LODD’s of Edward Stringer and Corey Ankum. Avsec’s article has since been pulled by the staff.

There are plenty more decent articles on Backwards and stupid as well.

Check out Backwards and stupid

FC Note: I have missed the MMSO in the past several weeks. The truth is that sometimes I don’t have any blogs to feature. I have a slue of them now. Or you can send in your own here!