Early Video: Watch as Bystanders Watch, React, and Respond Before Firefighters in Oklahoma

Tuesday night, bystanders were watching and one of them recording a fire at Quail Ridge Apartments in Oklahoma City. Their joking and commenting quickly turned into a call to action when they heard someone yell that there was someone in the building. All at once, they sprang into action. As they got close to the apartments, they yelled to see if anyone was in the building. They continued this and luckily did not go into the building. In the end, everyone made it outside ok.

One of them even commented that he had knocked on all of the doors already.

All of this occurred before firefighters arrived.

Towards the end of the video, you can hear what I believe is a bystander briefing one of the firefighters on the fire…passing command!

This is an interesting look at what people experience before we get there.

Koco.com disabled the embed option of the video…bummer

Watch it here

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