Video: Here is a Quick Catch-up on Christmas Fires…

Maybe the answer to this is that there aren’t more fires, just that the ones that happen seem worse because of the time of year.

Below are some of the ones captured on video. As well as some other links….
Dave Statter also has a video roundup over here.

In case you have not heard Dave Statter talk about himself enough recently, he has created a 14 minute “ Animated Comments Christmas Edition.”

It is pretty funny, but very long. His impression of me this time is priceless.

Fire hits Guadalupe Bliss apartment 12/24

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – A fire has broken out at an apartment complex in Guadalupe Bliss in Makati City, the Makati Fire Station said on Friday afternoon.

The fire has hit Building 5, which is located at the end of the apartment block and near the so-called “Gate 1” along JP Rizal Extension in Barangay Cembo.
There is an entire series of videos on this fire here.

3rd Alarm Bergey’s Tire Structure Fire – 12/24

On-Scene of a 3rd alarm structure fire at Bergey’s Tire Center in the Retread facility….Pd arrived on location and advised of heavy fire conditions and removed two people from the building….Fire units arrived to heavy fire and called a 2nd alarm….3 Tower ladders 1 Ladder Pipe and 1 Squirt along with several hand lines were in service with multiple tankers supplying water….fire was under control in about 2 1/2 hrs with no injuries, however there was major structural damage to the building….

2nd Alarm; Allentown, PA – 12/25

At 02:15 hours, Allentown Fire Dispatch transmitted a Structural Fire for box 5312, 2115 Downyflake Lane. Engines 11, 14, 9, Truck 2 and BN 3 (Scheirer) respond. Engine 11 arrives and transmits a working fire in a single-story office to the rear of the motel.

Battalion 3 Transmits the 2nd alarm sending Engines 10, 4, 6, Air 1, Car 40, 46 and 48 to the scene. Engine 11 stretches 3 lines with 2 in operation and make a quick hit of the fire.

2nd Alarm; Allentown, PA – 12/26

Box 3435 was transmitted at 17:52 for a structural fire at Izzy Diner, 920 Union Boulevard. Engines 13, 6, 9, Ladder 2 and BN 3 (Scheirer) respond on the ticket.

Engine 13 arrives and reports heavy smoke from the diner. They stretch a handline into the diner and try to locate the seat of the fire. Truck 2 reports fire out of the rear of the building. Battalion 3 transmits a working fire and strikes the second alarm at the sight of fire from the roof.

Engines 14, 4, 10, Air 1, chief 40, cars 46, 48 and FM 3 respond on the second. 4 to 5 lines are stretched and operating. Truckies go to the roof to open up and find more fire. Engine 6 finds some fire in the basement where another line was stretched.

All Hands Working; Whitehall, PA 12/26

At 05:51 hours Whitehall Fire was dispatched to 1634 MacArthur Road for a structural fire at the Finance Adjusters, a automobile repo company.

Assistant Chief Hazl arrived moments later and transmitted a working fire in a single-story commercial building with partial collapse.

4 engines, a squirt, tower ladder and the rescue operate at the scene.

2nd Alarm Barn, South Whitehall, PA – 12/24

South Whitehall companies 3, 32 and 11 respond to a barn fire on Springhouse Road near Highland. Chief 32 arrives and reports debris in the barn burning. Engine 32 arrives and drops a supply line and goes up the driveway to attack the fire.

Shortly thereafter, Chief 32 transmits a second alarm bringing with it Wescosville 30 and Fogelsville 8. Tower Ladder 331 is placed in-service on side 2 of the fire building. The fire is placed under control in about an hour and a half.

Russellville, Alabama Warehouse Fire Fire – 12/25
RUSSELLVILLE, AL (WAFF) – Several fire departments from three different put out a warehouse fire in downtown Russellville.

The Russellville Fire Department was called to the scene of a fire on Lawrence Street at the D & D Tool storage building. When they arrived on the scene at 3:30 p.m. Saturday, flames were already shooting from the building.