House Fire Video/Audo: Beloit, Wisconsin…"You ain't lived in Beloit very long!"

This is hilarious…Not because someones house burned, but what is said in the video. I have no clue about this video, nor did I look. I posted it for the mere enjoyment of what is said by those who are shooting the video!

The video is not that great…and that isn’t why I am posting it.

I am posting it because of phrases like “You ain’t lived in Beloit very long!” and “…but I don’t want that bitch to explode!” and the best… “Damn Terrorist Attack”. There are some other jewels in there as well.

I just thought it was that funny. Listen in and tell me you don’t find the audio hilarious!

Somebody please remix this one! I think you will have something if you do! If you remix it, I will post it!

You can’t make this shit up!