The Flip Side, Tenant at the Woonsocket Triple Decker Fire is also a Blogger

Have you ever wondered about the victims of incidents you run. I admit that occasionally I am interested in the outcome if we run something interesting.

What about the people whose houses burn?

I posted on the triple decker fire in Woonsocket, RI fire the other day. You can view that post here as well as an additional video below.

One of the tenants in the building on fire also runs a blog titled “Sheepless in Rhode Island“. The woman says that her and her husband were able to make it out of the house with the clothes on their backs and the computer tower. They are unsure if their two cats survived.

I just thought it was kind of interesting seeing the flip side of things. As a firefighter, I am glad to hear that they got out safe and I hope they might not have lost everything.