Around the Station: Fire Critic Catches a Job and Commentary Reminiscent of the Roanoke Fire Blog

A lot has been going on around Station 3 in Roanoke (where I work). We have a great crew and we enjoy working, living, and learning together.

This past cycle was a fun one. We had a working fire, and I actually got to get in on it. As most of you all know I am an engine driver. My title is Lieutenant and I occasionally act when the Captain is off. On Thursday, my Captain had Haz Mat training and then a Captains meeting. The day was uneventful. That evening, when we picked up our Captain, I decided to let FF/PM Mulford continue driving and I rode backwards.

FF Jerry Franks and I talking after most of the work is done. I am on the right (not the Cop!). Pic by Lt. Goodwin.

Early on Friday morning we got toned out as the working fire engine for a house fire in #5’s first due. The fire was only a few blocks from Captain Wines fire he posted on here. Our crew would operate as a team of 3. Mulford got to go in with us as well.

The fire was in a balloon frame house. It wasn’t exactly textbook, but we got the fire out. The fire started in the basement and I think that the investigation team found it to be arson. The fire got ahead of the first crew in the basement and our crew went to the second floor. We could not locate steps to the attic, yet we had fire below us, in front of us, and above us. After a short regrouping outside and hitting the dormer with a 2 1/2″ line, we re-entered the house and extinguished the fire.

In the end, there were no stairs to the attic. The fire was not that bad, and everyone went home.

Engine 3 sits up the street. Pic by Lt. Goodwin.

The Vinton/Roanoke Debate

I am not sure if you have been following along, but there was a story recently on here and here about a fire in Vinton that Roanoke City units responded to. There were some issues with the fire like communications, command, mutual aid, and volunteers not turning out in a timely manner. Captain Wines adds to the discussion with this post.

I must admit, the commentary is very reminiscent of the Roanoke Fire Blog where I got my start. I can only imagine the comments if that machine were still running!

The Dinner of all Dinners!

Dinner before digging in

Several months ago, one of our firefighters decided we needed a huge pot with a propane burner. The idea was that we would do a crab boil or “low country boil”. On Thursday, we decided to finally put the pot to use.

The dinner is being hailed as one of the top 5 that many of our crew has ever had in a firehouse. I must admit that it was FF Mulfords idea and I helped get it to the dinner table.

The menu was corn on the cob, new potatoes, kielbasa sausage, shrimp, crawfish, asparagus, and mussels. All I can say is that the only thing left was potatoes.  It was damn good and well deserved!

The Brand New Fireplace

Lucas warming himself by our brand new, custom, and totally fake fireplace!

On the first day of the cycle (Tuesday), Mulford and Lucas decided that they were going to build a fireplace in the dayroom. I didn’t even catch wind of the idea until I saw them loading up a bunch of lumber at Lowe’s when we were leaving Kroger’s with groceries next door.

When I first heard their idea, I didn’t think too much of it. I really wasn’t on board and I didn’t think it was going to turn out well. However, I helped as I always do and we built the hearth and mantle. The design went back and forth, but what we ended up with cost about $40 and took 3 days to build and finish. What is truly amazing is that not only does it look pretty good, it really makes the dayroom cozy. Now all we need is a bear skin rug!

Our kitchen table is still in the works…I will update with more of our projects in the near future.

Bonus Photo

Here is a bonus photo of one of those “WTF” calls. This car somehow managed to end up in a creek running through a cloverleaf off of I-581 in Roanoke. The driver hit the gaurdrail and then drove around it circling back only to then pivot the front end of the car on the bank of the creek and plant the car in 2 feet of water. One thing is for sure, this cannot be done again! No one was injured.