A Bunch of Videos! LA Furniture Factory Fire, Detroit Apartment Building Fire, San Marcos Truck Fire, And Several More

Here is several fires from today and the past several weeks that were just posted. Just playing catchup!

LA Furniture Factory Fire

A massive fire was reported at Stephie’s Furniture manufacturing plant in Los Angeles. The blaze at 158 E. 58th St, near E Slauson Ave and Main Street in South LA, was reported at 5:41 p.m. and was knocked down in 79 minutes.
The building appeared to be involved in wood manufacturing and firefighters had problems with exploding transformers and downed power lines. At least 150 firefighters were on scene at the “58th Street IC”. One firefighter was admitted to a hospital for possible heat exhaustion and smoke inhalation.

Detroit Apartment Fire

This fire is from November 12, 2010

DETROIT- Firefighters were called to the scene of a fire in an apartment building on Detroit’s east side.

When firefighters arrived, the found this apartment building with fire on two floors and heavy black smoke. Firefighters initially tried to battle the blaze from the inside of the building but the fire was too dangerous and they had to retreat.

A Firefighter tells me that there was a fire in this building earlier in the day and the cause of this fire was likely a rekindle.

I have not received any reports of any injuries.

Truck Fire in San Marcos

On my way to school saw a large column of black smoke coming from a neighborhood. I pulled up just before San Marcos Fire arrived and started filming just as they parked. A quick but exciting fire attack. There was also some sort of reactive metal that exploded (small) as soon as the firefighter introduced water to it. Possible magnesium part? My Haz-Mat instructor was actually the Captain on this engine company.

Female Firefighter Cinnamon Challenge

Bourne Street fire – Brockton, MA

14th Street fire in NW Cleveland, TN.

STATter911.com ran this earlier here. And another great fire here!

Just walking my dog and saw this house catch fire. It literally consumed the house within seconds. I got there before police/fire department. So sad, on Thanksgiving, too. The woman who lived there seemed disillusioned and panicky, people came outside & were tending to her a couple houses up.