More Problems in Charleston Fire Department Surface. Chief Thomas Carr Vs. Battalion Chief Jimmy Ghi. Have things changed in Charleston or are things getting worse? broke this story this morning

Charleston Training Chief Jimmy Ghi Quits

I must admit that from talking to fire service leaders and others I thought that Chief Carr was turning the corner in Charleston. Comments have been made to me that Chief Carr was the prescription for change and that things were looking up.

After the tragic fire that claimed 9 firefighters, the expert panel of leaders who researched the department and created the Routley report, other findings, and the most recent technical draft study on the Sofa Super Store fire behavior by NIST (National Institute on Standards and Technology) I really thought that Charleston was coming to the front.

Photo by Brad Nettles

According to Charleston’s Training Chief Jimmy Ghi that is not the case. Chief Ghi resigned and submitted a 10 page report to Chief Carr sighting many grievances citing ill-treatment and harassment from Chief Carr and others in the deparment.

Chief Ghi was hired by former Charleston Chief Rusty Thomas. Ghi comes from Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department in Virginia after a 26 year career.

After reading the article it is difficult to surmise what the exact truth is in this situation.

Is the new regime turning things around for the better? Is the old school mentality that is arguably the reason for so many failures which led to the death of the Charleston 9 still alive and well in Charleston?

Take a minute to read the article and comments on the Post & Courier article.