LEO: The Fire Within Product Review and Their Model Search is ON!

LEO: The Fire Within is casual apparel for today’s firefighter. They rolled out their first shirt at FDIC this year.

From LEOFireShop.com:

Why LEO? Look up the qualities of a Leo, the 5th symbol of the Zodiac – honesty, loyalty, self-sacrifice, courage, will, independence and fire. Sound familiar? Not only do these qualities perfectly embody today’s firefighters, but they also embody the fire within – that special quality that every firefighter has – whether you are 5 years or 30 in service.

Honestly, when I heard the name I initially thought that LEO stood for Law Enforcement Officer…luckily I was wrong!

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The original LEO design that was rolled out at FDIC 2010

You can actually check out prototypes for their next designs here as well.

LEO contacted me about doing a product review. I told them my size and they sent a shirt. They currently have two designs. They sent me the black “The Fire Within” shirt they rolled out at FDIC. The newest design is on a white shirt. LEO actually let survey participants choose the second design that rolled out after FDIC.

LEO plans on rolling out 2 more designs next year

I asked for large and I was very pleased to find out that their idea of a large was the same as mine!

Sizing includes: Adult M-L-XL ($19.99) and Youth 8-10-12 ($14.99)
You can get both designs for  $34.99 (adult) or $24.99 (youth). Purchase shirts here

My first impression of the shirt was that it was very comfortable! The shirt is 100% cotton and preshrunk by Gildan (softstyle) and made in Honduras (keep reading though). If you know anything about me, I like my shirts made in the U.S.A.

Before I got around to doing this review, I was sent additional information including:

Based on customer feedback our shirts are now being printed on American Apparel t-shirts. 1st design shirts are still not on American Apparel t-shirts but will be in the near future.

Imagine that I would find a bunch of babes wearing the LEO: The Fire Within T-shirts. This is from their facebook page.

The shirt design is done well and not gaudy. I have a lot of firefighting shirts from over the years, but not too many designer type firefighter shirts like this one. Other than the print on the front, the shirt offers a small logo on the right hand arm. The design includes light gray, dark gray, and red as the colors for the design. Not too much….just right!

I must say that I am very pleased with my LEO: The Fire Within shirt! Other than being made in Honduras, I couldn’t really find anything to pick apart. The sizing, fit, and feel of the shirt was very nice and I plan on wearing the shirt more in the future.

However, if I were one of the LARGER firefighters I might find issue with the fact that LEO does not offer XXL or XXXL. I know some guys who would never fit into a XL!

This is a great idea for Christmas!

LEO is Currently Looking for Models!

Here is my submission to being a model for LEO...Imagine that...The Fire Critic a model! What is this world coming to?

You heard me right! LEO is currently doing a model search. They do not require six pack abs (which means I have a chance!). Read more here

We are looking for firefighters to model LEO clothing for the upcoming website – no six-pack necessary. We are not looking for career models, just people with the LEO spirit and confidence to take photos wearing LEO gear.

We are looking for four people to be the face of LEO for our inaugural kickoff year.

Winners will receive:

  • 1 year of bragging rights as the face of LEO
  • Free access to the latest LEO gear
  • A sweet cash prize*

If you’re ready to answer the call, submit your name, contact info and a picture of yourself (HINT: if you have a LEO shirt take a picture wearing it!) to LEO (at) Leofireshop.com.

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