Albany, New York Cold Storage Warehouse Fire Might Burn For Days

A cold storage warehouse fire in Albany, New York might burn for days according to authorities. The fire has many reminiscing of the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire back in 1999 that claimed the lives of 6 firefighters.

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ALBANY — Crews worked through the evening Friday to fight a fire in an abandoned warehouse in downtown Albany. The fire forced the closure of an I-787 exit and surrounding streets.

One fire official said crews at the time were having some trouble getting hydrants open on the other side of the building to tackle the fire at the far side of the building. With two streams of water going at one point — one on the south end and one on the north end — that meant one thousand gallons of water per minute was being directed at the fire, overwhelming the hydrants, the firefighter said. At one point, six hydrants were being accessed. Today, only two hydrants are being used. Read more

Here is a short clip from Youtube