Video: Building Fire in San Francisco

Here is a clip of a fire in San Francisco. Not sure what is going on here exactly. I am somewhat amazed at how they are able to get 2 aerials set to the roof, supply line laid, and what sounds like ventilation begun, however the fire is not put out yet.

I have heard how the truckies in San Fran are some of the best in the World. They set ladders like nobody’s business. Maybe that is all that is going on here is that they are that quick with setting the aerial it seems as though the suppression is slow.

Then again, maybe there is a hell of a lot more fire than what it appears at the front of the building. Or potential life safety issues created a need for manpower to focus on rescue.

Check the comments for some details from The Happy Medic. He is a San Francisco FF/PM.

Another thing I thought was interesting was at how many people were sitting their capturing the job on their smartphones.