Xenia City Council Member expects firefighters to purchase their own gear! WTF? – With Video

This is amazing…Xenia (Oh) City Council doesn’t know why firefighters don’t understand that the City is under an economic crisis and want them to buy their own turnout gear. Xenia is the self proclaimed City of Hospitality!!!

Scroll down for the video!

I have to give credit to the Fire Chief for speaking up for his department….and all of the council members are not on board with this idea of postponing the purchase and potentially making firefighters buy their own turnout gear.

City Council in Xenia, Ohio have lost their minds. They voted down purchasing new turnout gear for their firefighters. edited to add: I apologize. I thought the vote was to put the purchasing on hold. In fact after further review, the motion to purchase went through. However, there is still a need to educate these council members who do not understand our need for decent gear! Ugh… They think that maybe the firefighters should purchase their own gear…and then went so far as to say maybe the police officers should purchase their own bullet proof vests.

This was also run on FirefighterCloseCalls.com.

I will go the extra step…email them today to tell them what you think! Oh wait, this gets really good… They actually post their addresses, home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, and terms on their website. Click here for that information and tell them what you think (be sure to be professional though)!

The video says: Watch the Xenia City Council debate the purchase of BUDGETED safety equipment for the Fire Department. This is part of the 5 year rotation on gear.