Book Review – Kurt Kamm’s “One Foot In The Black” and “Red Flag Warning”

In the following weeks I will be reading and reviewing two books by author Kurt Kamm. He sent me the books for this purpose, and I was happy to check them out.

Kurt Kamm

I will admit that I do not read many books. However, I do know how to read. I am one of those guys who will read a page and then realize that throughout scanning the page of its words I was thinking about global warming and its effects on the migration habits of the red-headed double-breasted mattress thrasher. Then I have to go back and re-read the page with focused attention. This keen ability to act as though I am reading while day-dreaming elongates the reading time for books.

So be forewarned, this could take a while to complete.

I started reading “One foot in the Black” first. I will be traveling with it to Chicago in case Willie and John are too much to bear. I will just curl up in the fetal position and read for a while!

One Foot in the Black – Greg Kowalski grows up in Michigan with an abusive father, a Saginaw city firefighter. Cut off from his family, Greg travels to California to become a seasonal firefighter. He is tormented by the contradiction of hatred for his father and the need to have his father’s approval and love.

Red Flag Warning is a SERIAL ARSON MYSTERY. Los Angeles County is burning. A serial arsonist is setting the parched hills on fire. Plunge into infernos and face the smoke, heat and danger with the men on the fire lines. While NiteHeat prowls in the darkness, setting fires and taunting investigators, the Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Arson Unit struggles to find the fire-setter and stop the devastation.

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