Part II of the Black Diamond X Boot Product Review

If you didn’t check out the first part of my product review on the brand new X boot by Black Diamond please check it out here first.

Part one had to do with my first impressions of the boot. This post is part two… what I thought about the boot after wearing it.

Edited: The boots that were reviewed were the X boot. The review for the X2 boot will be forthcoming.

I have been wearing my boots since the beginning of May. I must confess that I am an engine driver, so my chances of interior firefighting are few and far between. However, as luck would have it we had a fire last day (Friday) and I was riding the seat while my Captain was down the street at another station doing HAZMAT training.

X2 Boot integrated pull on system.

I got to wear the boots on numerous EMS calls, MVA’s, fire alarms and one fire. In short, I think that I gave these boots plenty of wear for a decent review of use. After all, we don’t fight fire day in and day out…unless you are one of these know it all trolls on the message boards!

I swapped my new X boots out with my other bunker boots and was very pleased with several things. I am a huge fan of the integrated pull on system. No longer do I have to worry about the leather sewn on straps breaking. I look for this to become an industry standard soon enough.

X boot reinforced toe cap

Another issue that the X boot has seemed to tackle is the toe cap. Most of the boots I have worn for firefighting have had some sort of reinforced toe cap. Some have performed over time, others have disintegrated. Once the reinforced toe cap is gone, the toe cap is is exposed and will wear through down to the steel toe. Crawling around on concrete is probably the worst offender of wearing down the toe cap.

This little flag does not reside in the X Boot. They are made in China. This could be a deal breaker for some. It does however reside in the boots that the Xboot replaced in my everyday turnout gear.

The X boot has a very durable, thick, and harder than other reinforced toe cap. I have not been able to impede the reinforcement through normal wear and tear.

When I was contacted about doing a product review on these boots I had to guess as to which size would be perfect for me. I chose my normal shoe size. The truth is that I should have gotten them a half size bigger. I say this because the biggest issue other than them being made in China is that they are a little difficult getting them off when my socks and pants were soaking wet after a fire.

The boots come with a 3 point heel locking system. Basically it is built this way to keep your foot from moving around inside the boot when you walk. It works!

My X Boots inside my pants are next to my other boots. As you can see, the other boots lay over a little bit. The X Boots have yet to lay over at all and are a very sturdy boot!

The boots are also very sturdy. I have not noticed any bit of them wanting to lay over when the pants are sitting pulled down around them. Some other models with less sturdy build will fold over and you have to straighten them out to pull them on. These boots remain ready to go all the time!

These boots are extremely comfortable, durable, and should last a long time. I will continue wearing my X boot and use my other ones as backups!

Great job Black Diamond…The Fire Critic says they passed the test!

Of course I cannot let you get by without another look at the Black Diamond babes!

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