Honor, Remember, Learn, Share, and Teach…How to properly handle the Anniversary of the Charleston 9 and others

Last night on Firefighter Netcast, John and I recited the events surrounding three deadly fires surrounding this weekend, June 17th, and Fathers Day.

The Hotel Vendome in Boston – 9 Firefighters perished Thomas W. Beckwith, Joseph E. Boucher, Thomas J. Carroll, Charles E. Dolan, John E. Hanbury Jr., John E. Jameson, Richard B. Magee, Paul J. Murphy, Joseph P. Saniuk

The FDNY Fathers Day Fire – 3 Firefighters perished Harry S. Ford, Brian D. Fahey, John Downing

Charleston Sofa Super Store Fire – 9 Firefighters perished William “Billy” Hutchinson, Mike Benke, Louis Mulkey,  Mark Kelsey, Bradford “Brad” Baity, Michael French,  James “Earl” Drayton, Brandon Thompson, Melven Champaign

The best way (in my eyes) to honor the firefighters sacrifices is to Remember, Learn, Share, and Teach the events surrounding the deaths of our brothers.

If we don’t learn from these tragedies we fail to honor our brothers.

I was not around for the Hotel Vendome fire. I have learned about it. I was still a fairly new firefighter in my current department when the FDNY Fathers Day fire occurred but we discussed it at the station. I remember vividly when the Charleston Sofa Super Store fire occurred and I watched, listened, and learned as the news unfolded.

These aren’t the only ones, there are many others that I draw on from time to time to ensure that my brother and sister firefighters remember and have learned from the incidents.

I took this photo of the memorial to the firefighters who perished at the Hotel Vendome in Boston several years ago. The Hotel Vendome is in the background on the corner.