Firehouse Dolls 2011 Calendar Sneak Preview

That is right… The Fire Critic has a sneak preview of the Firehouse Dolls 2011 calendar.

You might remember my top 10 calendar post on last years calendars (Firehouse Dolls came in 2nd place)…I plan on doing the same thing this year!

Firehouse Dolls has gone through a metamorphosis (not a riga metamOHphosis as one of my brothers eloquently pronounces rigor mortis). The calendar has a brand new look and feel (no guys it is not scratch and sniff yet).

Some of the Firehouse Dolls! Looks promising!
Some of the Firehouse Dolls! Looks promising!

The new look is that of a classier more professional feel. The days of almost completely naked women are behind us. Now you can enjoy real women firefighters who enjoy still showing off their bodies and might not have as big an issue with job security.We can all respect that!

To be honest with you, I am not sure exactly why they have changed the format. I can guess that it has something to do with being more professional, less controversial, and more representative of the class of our American Women Firefighters.
I actually had the opportunity to have a drink with Jaime Wendt, one of the model/firefighters, at FDIC. She was a blast to hang out with and was enjoying her time at FDIC.

The new calendar has a new size (although I am not sure if it is bigger or smaller). Part of the proceeds will be going to the Progress Fire Company.

The new Firehouse Dolls 2011 calendar will be released at the Harrisburg Fire Expo and will be selling for $15. You will also be able to purchase the 2010 calendar for $5 more.

If you are there and purchase the calendar you will be given a $250 gift card for the design of a web site from offered by Firefighter Rewards.