Making Progress…Setting Goals

I enjoy setting goals for myself like most of us. Over the years, many of my goals have changed. I have met some of them and changed others as my life changes. I don’t have a laundry list of things to do in my life…no bucket list yet. However, I do have things I plan on accomplishing. Some remain in my thoughts as I move closer to achieving a goal and others are remembered from time to time and adjusted with the times.

For instance, at one point I really wanted to become a fire service training instructor. I obtained my certificate in Instructor I and II (I have not completed III yet). However, once I obtained the certifications and I taught a few classes I realized that teaching in the formal atmosphere was not all that enjoyable for me. I do like helping out during live exercises, I just don’t find classroom teaching to be my cup of tea.

This year will mark my first in about 5 that I don’t help out with our recruit schools live burns. The main reason is because of special classes that were put in place for instructors. We were to take these classes on our own time without reimbursement. I simply don’t have free time to burn like that. I would much rather spend time at home with my family. In addition, our department isn’t giving free handouts of any sort so why should I. It just goes against my convictions.

Therefore, training in a formal atmosphere is out for now. I am ok with that. I did what I set out to do in getting the certificates and now I can teach at any point I would like to in the future.

There is one accomplishment that still resides in my heart though. It started out as wanting to have a published photo in Firehouse magazine possibly. The problem is that I am not a huge fire buff. I am an amateur photographer, but I just don’t get to many fires off duty. The stars would have to align perfectly for me to get a shot worthy of publishing.

More recently, this realization of being published in a trade magazine has morphed into wanting to have a published article in Fire Engineering magazine. After all, it is one of the few trade magazines I subscribe to. It is the cream of the crop if you ask me.

To see my name attached to a print worthy article would be a huge accomplishment for me. Not in a “look at me I am the man” kinda way, merely a personal accomplishment.

This morning, I finally got to open up my January Fire Engineering and to my enjoyment I saw an article by Jason Hoevelmann. Jason is a brand new acquaintance of mine. He just recently began a blog titled “A Firefighters Own Worst Enemy“. He wrote an article on a training evolution that a company did in his department. The article was excellent.

I have written articles for several websites. I enjoy doing it when I can. When I saw Jason’s article it got me thinking about writing for Fire Engineering.

Here is the thing…I am one of those guys who is a jack of all trades and master of none (in the fire service that is). One thing I do know a good bit about is driving and operating apparatus. Maybe I will have to delve into that.

Whatever it is that I decide to take a whack at getting published, I plan to do it in the next year. So look out World here I come.

It is a good idea to set goals, occasionally adjust your goals, and accomplish them when you can.

What are some of your goals?