Like a Well Oiled Machine!

I just watched this video below on Firefighter Spot (video is embedded from The video really caught my eye because the firefighters were operating so well. I just couldn’t get over how the firefighters seemed to go to work on their various tasks at a steady and efficient pace. No one was running, yelling, freaking out, or even yard breathing. Hoselines were being pulled, guys were masking up, ladders were being thrown, and the job was getting done. Almost like it was choreographed.

The fire has been dubbed a close call because of the smoke explosion which occurs at 1:40. Even with all that, the crews don’t freak out and it is obvious everyone is ok.

That being said, I feel the need to point out one issue I saw. The roof vent firefighter hits the ladder at about 3:05. He fails to sound the roof although he does start his saw before getting on the roof. Taking a pike pole or axe to sound the roof would have been ideal. If the saw stalled, he could have resorted to using the axe. Around 3:55 we lose all sight of the firefighter who is working alone on the roof (by my standpoint). I believe he went to the rear of the roof where a ladder had been thrown earlier in the fire. Either way, if I was the Incident Commander I might have had to move around a little bit to keep track of him. Ideally, he would have had a partner up there with him and he would have been on air prior to getting on the roof in those conditions. After all, if I fall through the roof I would want to be on air already.

Great job Guys

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