Vote Now for Social Media Responder 2009

logo1The guys over at have put together #SMR2009 or Social Media Responder 2009. The contest is all about utilization of Social Media to better their community. There were around 30 nominations I believe. Those nominations were narrowed down to 6 finalists and voting has begun. I feel compelled to tell you that 2 of the 6 finalists were nominated by yours truly.


Remaining true to reasons why I took the time to nominate the two in the first place, I will ask that you decide between the two and vote today!

I nominated LAFD and CFD for the contest. Please take a minute to stop on over and vote for one of them today. The other 4 are certainly worthy of a vote as well! Eric Neitzel and Chronicles of EMS are off to an early lead.

Click on the images below to vote or click on these links to visit the LAFD blog and CFD blog.


The LAFD has utililized a blog since 2004 and their roots go back farther than that.


The CFD has recently deployed a total social media package.