Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Firefighters

This top ten list could  be easily used year round. Be it birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or whatever these gifts are bound to make you popular with the firefighter you gift them to.

I challenge you to come up with a better list!

Just in case you are wondering…I have not been paid or solicited by any of the mentioned products or companies I might name or link to below.

20080502115428_Photo10. Leather Helmet – Every firefighter eventually grows up and gets a leather helmet. While the argument continues in forums everywhere those of us who have grown up to become firefighters know that leather helmets are the way to go…the only way to go. Whether you decide on  Phenix, Paul Conway/Lion, or Cairns/MSA your firefighter will be happy to finally be inducted into the life of a FOOL! While a leather helmet can be rather expensive it is well worth the money! Go ahead and take the plunge but be sure to check with your firefighter to ensure you are purchasing the helmet of their dreams. You can purchase any of these helmets at

9fbp46511c64289. Firefighter Angel Pin – This angel pin was worn on my gear for years. I have recently realized that my angel is no longer with me. I need to get another one soon (my wife is reading over my shoulder so I should be golden). Seriously, this little angel is a great addition to your firefighter’s gear. Especially if they carry everything including the kitchen sink in their pockets…Since this little angel only weighs a couple ounces. If you must mix gold and silver, there is another version of the angel here. Just don’t let the fashion police find you on the fireground! For only about $5 you can stuff any firefighter’s stocking with this little angel.

Smokin Hot in Texas

Smokin Hot in Texas

8. Firefighters Calendar – Speaking of angels, you could stuff these angels in your firefighter’s stockings too. Whether your firefighter fancies male or female firefighters posing half naked I am sure you will find a calendar they like. Some of the calendars showcase actual firefighters who are calendar worthy and others showcase hot models who look the same. Many of the calendars were created to raise money for charities so your money will be well spent. Plus what firefighter, male or female, wouldn’t want this hottie hanging in their locker?

Here is a link to some Firefighter Calendars

Click here for more information on the female firefighter calendars. Complete with the Fire Critic’s view, photos, and links!!!

god_save_the_truck_tshirt-p235979589603533057yjdt_5257. Happy Medic Apparel – After following the Happy Medic’s great adventure with Medic 999 don’t you just feel as though you have to furnish your firefighter in official Happy Medic apparel? That is what I thought! Check out what the Happy Medic has to offer here. Nothing says that your firefighter is in touch with their masculinity like wearing a shirt that says “I Go Both Ways” on the front and “Firefighter/ Paramedic” on the back!

There are plenty of options including “God is the Squad”, “God Bless the Engine”, “God Save the Truck”, and “God Help the Medics”! View all of the options of Happy Medic gear here.

cafepress shirt white6. Fire Critic Apparel – You can’t go wrong with some very easy to spot Fire Critic apparel. Whether it be a beer mug, apron, t-shirt, or coffee mug we have you covered. Your firefighter will garner much respect showing up anywhere in official Fire Critic garb! If you are really serious you can outfit your firefighter wife or girlfriend in the official Fire Critic thong!

Check out the store here for all of the options available. The best part is that if you don’t see what you want you just let me know and I will create it!

The link is here for the Fire Critic store!

cupinservice-a-okla5. FireGeezer Mug – I don’t have a figure on the number of FireGeezer mugs sold but I imagine it is a couple! I got mine soon after they were offered and have enjoyed it. I also bought one for a friend of mine who uses it at the station every day. If you don’t have a FireGeezer mug you should. If your firefighter doesn’t have one they should. Get off of your arse and order one today.

Plus you can’t go wrong with a mug seen around the World!

black helmet apparel4. Black Helmet Apparel – I must say that the Black Helmet Apparel is pretty decent looking stuff! Whether you are looking for a female or male firefighter, Black Helmet has some stuff that everyone will like. Nothing says I am one bad Em Effer like a SKULL! The variety of apparel is awesome plus there are sales going on now.

In addition to all that, just check out their model!!! HOT! Anyways, the company is firefighter owned and operated. The gear is made in the USA! Plus it doesn’t hurt that they have fully accepted social media and have used them to grow their business!

Black Helmet on twitter, facebook, youtube, and myspace!

Visit Black Helmet Apparel online here!

blackjack holder3. Blackjack Flashlight Holder – Another “By firefighter, for firefighter” company, Blackjack Flashlight Holder is a very unique tool. All firefighters know that it sucks to get into a house on fire only to realize that your flashlight is back on the rig. Now you don’t have to forget and you can look cool as shit while wearing your flashlight! These little products only weigh a couple of ounces and can fit in any firefighters stocking. They also offer t-shirts and stickers. Blackjack has just recently gotten into twitter and has a facebook page too!

Be sure to include this in the shopping for your firefighter! Link to the main website here.

phoca_thumb_l_valko shield2. Custom Helmet Shield or Radio Strap – Ok, I admit that you will probably not get a custom helmet shield or radio strap by this Christmas (this is being posted on 11/21/09). However, this is likely to be a popular post years into the future.

There are two companies of note when talking about custom leather shields or custom leather radio straps – Box Alarm Leather and

Box Alarm Leather has been around for years and is currently not accepting custom orders. What that means is that these guys are the American Choppers of custom leather shields and radio straps. Box Alarm Leather is run by Andrew Arnold who is on the job in DC. He and his wife run the company and keep busy. I can say that his stuff is some of the best in the business! – There isn’t too much information on the website except for some examples of shields and and email to contact for ordering. It looks like they know what they are doing.

Two other options here and here.

Monopoly Firefighter Edition

Monopoly Firefighter Edition

1. Firefighter Monopoly – Lets be honest, everyone loves to play Monopoly. The latest in Monopoly is the Firefighter edition. The only thing better than Firefighter Monopoly would be turning chutes and ladders into a drinking game!

I have plugged the firefighter edition monopoly plenty in the past (after all I am the second in google search). I am sure they are selling just fine. However, at just under $40 bucks this is the ultimate gift for the firefighter who doesn’t have one already!!!

The official site is here.

Let me go one step further for you…

This is what the entire list would cost you if you decided to make give your firefighter a “Fire Critic Top Ten” Christmas or whatever other occasion you might be looking for!

Leather Helmet….$462 (New Yorker through the Fire Store)
Firefighter Angel Pin….$5.06 (here)
Firefighter Calendar…..$21.95 (New York City Firefighters 2010 Deluxe Wall Calendar)
Happy Medic t-shirt……$12.95 (here)
Fire Critic beer stein……$16.09 (here)
FireGeezer Mug…………..$12.00 (here…more outside the US)
Black Helmet t-shirt…….$19.95 (here)
Blackjack Holder………..$21.99 (here)
Custom Leather Shield…$75 (here)
Firefighter Monopoly…..$39.95 (here)

Therefore you could give your firefighter a “Fire Critic” Christmas for a mere $686.94. That really is not all that bad for all the cool stuff you are looking at above! I know it seems like a lot, but if you take away the leather helmet you are only looking at $224.94, not bad for 9 really cool items!

If you have something to add just let me know in the comments.

and again….I don’t get anything out of this but the warm feeling of helping out my readers get connected with some great gifts!!!

If anyone out there gets a large portion of these gifts for Christmas I would love to hear about it!!!

If you are thinking of how to let your loved one know about the Fire Critics Top Ten Christmas list just leave it on your computer so they will find it!