Monday Morning Shoutout –

mmsoThis weeks Monday Morning Shoutout goes to has been online for some time. In my opinion, is one of the best and rawest training tips sites on the internet. The site is down and dirty, cleanly put together, and to the point.

Any website that can continue to get submissions week after week as they do is obviously worth the time. Clearly, the readers who take the time to submit articles with pictures and explanations are what makes the site revolve. However, I am not taking away anything from Jeff Ponds and Jimm Walsh who created the site and have everything to do with its success.

They found a niche and created a great site that has garnered a readership from around the world. And to think, they don’t have a single advertisement on the site.

This site encompasses everything good about the fire service…by firefighters and for firefighters. There is even an occasional topic about engine work. It has always amazed me that I haven’t found a similar site about engine work (there might be sites out there, but none that I think are like this for engine work). If anyone is interested in starting a site that mimic’s for Engine guys let me know.

Now, all I have to do is go through the archives and learn all I can since they took my engine OOS and now I find myself on a Quint! Velcro…check, orange spray paint….check, pliers….check, helmet camera….not quite there yet, gut belt…check.

Keep up the great work guys!