This Might Be a Stupid Question…

Got your attention didn’t I. I do have a question and I do not know the answer.

My question is…Are there any firefighter friendly consultants out there?

If so, I want names. Company names, individual names, and examples of consulting work that are pro-firefighter.

My City is being decimated by a consulting firm (I will leave the name out but you have heard of them before). The consulting firm wasn’t entirely bad (maybe 90% against what the firefighters think). The City paid for the consult. The outcome is loss of manpower, loss of trucks, loss of everything except increased staffing in administration.Unfortunately, the 10% good was minimum staffing of 4 on the rigs which the City didn’t pay attention to at all.

I guess what I am really looking for is a great consulting firm that could by hired by IAFF Locals who can show the flip side of the coin.

This whole thought came to me after reading a post on The HouseWatch about the Milwaukee Firefighters Local and what they have put together. Check it out here.

I am not not looking to hire anyone myself. I am simply looking to put together a helpful post of firefighter friendly consultants so that firefighters can hand in a proposal of their own that they paid for and that sides with the beliefs of the boots on the ground. Not the reasoning of the beancounters who sit behind a desk all day and enjoy the life of going home every night not having to deal with our stresses of the job in operations.

Please let me know if you know of such firms!

Firms are free to post to the comment section too, just be ready to provide examples of your pro-firefighter stance!