Monday Morning Shoutout – Rescuing Providence

This weeks Monday Morning Shoutout Goes to Rescuing Providence. The blog was just recently moved from blogger to WordPress and given its own url (something I highly recommend).

Lt. Michael Morse, the blogs owner, is also an author. He wrote “Rescuing Providence” and is currently looking for a publisher of his second book. You can purchase Rescuing Providence at Paladin Press.

I have not read his book yet, but I intend to purchase it soon. I haven’t been a long time reader of his blog, but I intend to keep it in my weekly reads.

Michael is currently assigned to Rescue 1 in the City of Providence Rhode Island.

His blog is very well written (I know that kinda comes off like a “But she has a great personality” comment, but it is true. You can tell that he spends time writing his posts and that communicating with the readers comes easy. His writing keeps you wanting to read the next post and the next post and so on.

Take a minute to check out Rescuing Providence.

rescuing providence

A little note from the Fire Critic on Monday Morning Shoutouts…I always enjoy looking around at various sites and checking out their links pages. I never know where I will end up. This is usually the process for picking the next MMSO. However, if you have something that you want me to check out shoot me an email or use the contact page. Maybe your site will be next!

I rarely let people know their site is the next MMSO, and I rarely let them know I picked them once I post it. I just let them find it on their own.