Have you Seen This?

Ok, this is a link to other stories on other websites. The title is actually inspired by my first little ditty….

TheHouseWatch.com offers a great video of the Buffalo Fire Department. If this video and audio track doesn’t grab your attention go slam your $%# in the door! The video is expertly done! The House Watch also has some of the greatest tactic/strategy posts on the web today!

The FireGeezer is doing what he does best….showing everyone else how branding is paramount. He offers the latest mug shot of Bobby Halton showing off his Geezer Mug! Plenty more news abounds including this post by Mike Ward!

Don’t we all wish we had the connections that Dave Statter has! Dave serves up the latest on the snafu in DC with comments from Dennis Rubin here. Dave is great at what he does…a reporter! His following on his blog is top notch with lovers and haters!!! You gotta take the good with the bad…check the comments on most posts you will see what I mean!

Ok, The Happy Medic pointed to it and so did another blog (I lost which one though). This is the original post on Rogue Medic and this is the follow up by A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver. Read it and understand what the Rogue Medic is trying to say….according to the Happy Medic and all that we need Reform in the EMS Profession!

FireDaily.com is a new site, but in a recent post he promises that he has something new on the horizon. Keep up with his blog he has a lot to offer!

The Fire Critic is a little sad because FireFighterHourly.com has more facebook fans than him! Try to keep in touch on Facebook with FireFighterHourly.com’s Facebook Page and FireCritic.com’s Facebook Page. Although in my defense, I am a little newer to this thing than Jay is.

Finally, I have great news! The Fire Critic is working on a collaboration with two other individuals. I will have more news in just a couple of days. To be honest, I am working on it with the business I run and not actually the Fire Critic. However it still counts. Look for more information soon!