Top Ten Firehouse Pranks

These are the top ten firefighter pranks as found on the internet. Mostly, I used Youtube to search for funny pranks.

Many of these pranks I have either been a victim of or been part of pulling it off.

One thing is for sure, we can do a lot better. I know that for a fact. We just have to get them on video.

Feel free to send in your videos (or links to videos) that you think are funny.

10. Come have a look in this box – Great prank, great reaction!

9. Alternative K12 start-up – If you are able to prank people with this kind of trick it is there own fault! Watch him bite it at the end!

8. Wiping down the apparatus with the rookie – Great prank. You could pull this on anyone as long as you timed it right when they walked by the apparatus!

7. Teaching the rookie how to ride tailboard – This is classic! How they got this niave firefighter to fall for this is beyond me. Then again when you are a rookie you will listen to just about anyone!

6. Drop this quarter off your forehead into the funnel – I have to admit, this is the first prank I was a victim of. The guys at the vollie FD I started with got me and another rookie with this one. Although my brothers added another twist…they put pencil on the edge of the quarter so we had lines going all down our faces!

5. The broken chair prank – This is probably the best done video of all of them. Great job guys. They were able to prank half the department it seems.

4. Pulling a Fast One on the Captain – Funny prank! They got him good! Water and flour…nothing better!

3. Fun with the power company lineman – This is a great prank. It is done by firefighters to a guy who is a lineman on the power company. Apparently he had it coming to him for 10 years. Talk about a grudge!

2. Fake snake while out for some PT – I remember this from a while back. It was funny then and it is funny now. Hilarious reaction!

Also tied for #2 is another fake snake prank – The reaction on this one is even better than the previous!

1. Firefighter scared of cockroach – This video is kind of funny in the beginning, but it gets hilarious at the end. Watch a big bad firefighter become a little girl in a matter of seconds. Kudos too on the video editing!