Top Ten Female Firefighter Calendars

In this Top Ten list, we will be looking at the best of Female Firefighter Calendars. Be forwarned that not all of these calendars boast female firefighters. Some are just sexy women modeling as firefighters, others are firefighter calendars which have a couple women in them. Don’t worry, there are plenty of women out there looking for hunky, sexy firemen too. I have only incorporated calendars that at least have 1 woman in them though. For all you women out there wondering what the best male firemen calendars are you will have to really put pressure on for me to do the research. I am not above it though, I just need some coaxing to do it.

Here it goes…the top ten female firefighter calendars! Keep in mind, the best is at the bottom!!!

Too Hot To Handle Calendar

Too Hot To Handle Calendar

10. Too Hot To Handle Female Firefighter Calendar. The Too Hot To Handle Calendar can be purchased here. Unfortunately, I could not find much more information on the calendar than what is offered on Zebra Publishing’s website here. The website states “It doesn’t get much hotter than this! Although they’re well-equipped to manage the flames, this firefighting shift generates their own red-hot heat. The models in Too Hot To Handle 2010 will cause spontaneous combustion all year. Photographed by Glenn Grainger, images are featured in an oversized 12″ x 24″ poster sized format.”

I will interject that I have no clue if the models are firefighters or not. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they are models! Just kidding. You can view the front cover, back cover, and center spread on the link above. It is safe for work, but don’t quote me on that.

WSCFF Burn Foundation Firefighter Calendar

WSCFF Calendar

9. WSCFF Burn Foundation Firefighters Calendar. The WSCFF, Washington State Council of Fire Fighters, produce a calendar of female and male firefighters.  In 1996 we began to produce a calendar. That year it was merely a poster. It was a huge success and the following year we produced a full sized wall calendar featuring Washington State fire fighters. Our goal was to have it be tasteful, with just enough sex appeal to garner the attention of the consumers. Unlike other calendars featuring males, we did not portray our subjects in unbelievable situations, but rather displayed a representative array of real fire fighters. One local newspaper referred to it as “more like a Happy Meal than a platter of beefcake”.

The calendar has male firefighters in it too. However, the females are definitely worth a look. As you can see in the photo to the right, the production is professional and not overly sexified! That can be good and can be bad too. The website offers bio’s of each model. (link to their website here)

8. Essence of Fire Female Firefighters Calendar. I must admit that this calendar might be higher on the list if they hadn’t disabled saving a photo, or even offered decent photos on the site for me to get in other ways (print screen). The calendar is all female. The website states: An individual committed to showing everyone that all women can be successful in achieving and accomplishing whatever goals they set, founded Essence of Fire Incorporated. The founder Keisha Wilson intends to showcase the inner and natural beauty of women while displaying the individualism of the career Female Firefighter.


7. Colorado Firefighter Calendar. The Colorado Firefighter Calendar is produced by and for Fired up for Kids. The calendar raises money for the nonprofit organization.

The Colorado Firefighter Calendar is produced and created by Fired Up For Kids, a nonprofit organization. Fired Up For Kids donates all proceeds received from special events and sales of Colorado Firefighter Calendar to The Children’s Hospital Burn Center.  The burn center is committed to providing the highest standard of burn care to neonates, infants, children, and adolescents up to 21 years of age in the Rocky Mountain region.  To date, Fired Up For Kids has raised more than $200,000. For more information about The Children’s Hospital Burn Center, visit

Great cause, great calendar. Well that is if you can get over the fact that the firefighter/model to the right is the only women in the calendar. Either way, it was worthy of making this list for that and that alone!

Go out and get one now.

Fire Girls Calendar

Fire Girls Calendar

6. Fire Girls. Warning: This site might not be safe for work. This calendar boasts “The hottest female firefighters ever”.

However, it also states “Die FireGirls 2009: Zwei Top-Playboy-Models aus London und Oslo, die sich voll ins Zeug legen. The Fire Girls 2009: Two top-Playboy model from London and Oslo, which is full to pull. Florian Lohmann, bekannter Playboyfotograf, hat die Girls bei zahlreichen „Einsätzen“ fotografiert. Florian Lohmann, famous Playboy photographer, the girls on numerous “missions” photographed. “ Which if translated says something about the models being from playboy.

I don’t know if they are firefighters or not. One thing is for sure…they are very sexy!

The website is in German I think. I’m a firefighter not a Scholar.

Either way, pictures like this are in every language.

Apparently, it is only the two models in the calendar.


AFF Calendar

5. America’s Female Firefighters. The America’s Female Firefighter Calendar boasts:

” The wonderful ladies of the calendar are all paid professional firefighters who have donated so much of their time to appear in, promote, sell, and travel with the calendar throughout the United States, their hard work and dedication in raising and expending funds for the benefit of, and to otherwise aid and assist burn survivors should be commended by all who meet them.”

Unfortunately, the website does not have too many images on it for us to check out. I always like test driving a calendar before I buy it (don’t read into that too far).

Maybe we will just have to hold out hope that the dates are correct! After all, we buy these to know when the holidays are right.

Women of EMS Calendar

Women of EMS Calendar

4. Women of EMS. Apparently the Girls of EMS have grown up and are now considered the Women of EMS. The Women of EMS Calendar appears to be a pretty decent array of good looking women in the EMS Service. This is the only calendar we could find that was related to EMS. However, the requirements are that the models are in the Police, EMS, or Fire Service. Naughty Police Officers? Sign me up! What next, librarians?

Now I can’t get the image of Nicole Kidman in Days of Thunder out of my mind.

The website is kinda hard to navigate and does not offer too much information.

Feel free to take a look around though (link).

Female Firefighter Calendar

Female Firefighter Calendar

3. Female Firefighters. The Female Firefighters Calendar boasts:

“All the women, who are full time firefighters  in the Queensland Fire Service have banded together with selected sponsors to help raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer and the Cancer Council Queensland.”

Who knew that Queensland had hot female firefighters? Everyone knows now! The website offers a full bio on all of the models. Apparently short hair is the new long hair in the Queensland fire service. Just don’t tell all those shaggy looking 20 something American male firefighters who walk around looking like they have never had a haircut in their life.

The website has information on becoming a firefighter in Queensland as well as information on the charity the calendar is for.

Check it out.

Female Firefighters from the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service team up with the Cancer Council Queensland for a sizzling fundraiser.

Firehouse Dolls

Firehouse Dolls

2. Firehouse Dolls. This calendar is probably the most widely publicized and marketed. You have to believe that the women are hot! The website offers current events of the dolls partying working the fire service convention circuit year round.

The website states:

Firehouse Dolls is firefighter owned and operated. Our Calendars and DVD’s feature Beautiful Female Firefighters, EMT’s, Paramedics. Dispatchers and any Pretty Girl associated with the fire/rescue service. Paid and Volunteer!

A portion of the sales of our products are donated to random volunteer fire departments. The models go to trade shows every year to sell and autograph our products. Please look for the models at the next trade show you are attending.

Smokin Hot in Texas

Smokin Hot in Texas

1. Smokin Hot in Texas. The Smokin Hot in Texas Calendar leads the list of top ten female firefighter calendars for no other reason than the picture to the right. You cannot beat Texas, the American Flag, and a smoking hot female firefighter.

The President, Traci,  of the calendar even has a Firefighter Nation Profile. More importantly she is Miss April in the 2009 calendar.

Are you even reading this? I am having a hard type timing with the picture to the right. She is miss July –>

Oh say does that star….oops.

The website states: Our female firefighters are proud to represent the LONE STAR STATE!!!  We are Firefighters, Paramedics, Engineers, in the ranks, and hold specialty certifications, all of which play an important part in the fire service.  We are wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, friends, and athletes.  Role models for women of today, from all walks of life. All proceeds from the sales of this calendar, will benefit Parkland Burn Center, and a project known as ‘Angel Faces’.  We appreciate your interest in our cause.