Monday Morning Shoutout – Report on Conditions Blog

This Monday Morning Shoutout goes to Joe Schmoe over at the Report on Conditions Blog. The Blog boasts “Observations and thoughts from nearly 30 years in the fire service.”

Joe’s bio reads:

My name is Joe, I am a Fire Captain for a Fire Department that protects a medium sized city located in a western state. I am pushing fifty and have almost thirty years on the job. I have been happily married for almost as long and have two teenaged children.

While his first name might be Joe, The Fire Critic seriously doubts his last name is Schmoe! If it is then I apologize for laughing!

His latest post “First Day at the Kinda Big Fire Protection District” is a great read for those of you brand new to the fire service. It is also a good read for those of us who are around or might be around newbies! The post has some great further commentary on the subject!

Keep up the great work JOE SCHMOE!